Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral

Address: 21 ul. Musy Jalilya, Kazan

The construction of the Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral in Kazan is closely associated with Emperor Peter I's name. Before his Persian campaign, Peter I visited Kazan. In commemoration of this visit, a local merchant that was among the people visited by the Emperor, ordered to build a stone cathedral in place of a small wooden church.

The Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral was consecrated in 1726. Almost every Russian Emperor has visited it since then, as well as French author A. Dumas, scientist Alexander von Humboldt and Russian poet A.S. Pushkin. Fyodor Chaliapin used to sing in the Cathedral's church choir. The Cathedral survived several fire outbreaks and more than four renovations, and it was completely restored in the 1980s.

The Cathedral's external appearance is unique: the warm brown colour of its walls goes naturally well with its blue footing and golden domes. The Cathedral’s inimitable shape is emphasised by the well-preserved baroque elements of its façade and chiselled architraves. Due to this combination the palace reminds a gingerbread house or a fairy tale castle.

Today the temple complex includes the Cathedral itself, the bell tower and the clergy house. There are several sacred objects in the cathedral, including the Icon of the Mother of God and the relics of saint Iona and Nektariy of Kazan.


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