Fan Merchandise

Kazan is a great place to purchase some fan merchandise for your collection. The city has its own football, ice hockey, water polo, volleyball and basketball teams, with each of them having its own fan merchandise shop.

Ak Bars Kazan

The range of merchandise is pretty wide: fitted hats, wind jackets, mugs, lap blankets, etc. A special fashion line has been designed specifically for the fans. This collection includes baby costumes, dresses and leisure wear.

Address: 42 ul. Chistopolskaya

Zenit Kazan and Dynamo Kazan

On offer is the original uniform of both teams and its replicas. You can also purchase T-shirts, scarves, magnets, calendars and posters.

Address: 1 ul. Midkhata Bulatova


The club offers a complete line of products: from T-shirts to wristwatches. Every year the team issues wall calendars with photos of the players.

Address: 1 ul. Spartakovskaya