Host City Volunteers

Host City Volunteers will provide you with all the information that you need. They speak different foreign languages, so you will certainly find it easy and pleasant to talk to them.

Host City Volunteers will always tell you:

where is the stadium, FAN ID Distribution centers, FIFA Fan Fest TM, etc;
what excursions and sights are worth visiting;
where are the shuttle stops;
match schedule, teams playing today;
where to eat and what dishes to try;
best backdrops for your photos and selfies;
and many other things!

You can easily find them across the city when looking for people in blue uniforms and their blue tents. See the map with Host City Volunteers points below.

Host City Volunteers
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A Volunteer:

Loves Kazan.

Is over 16 years.

Has free time this summer.

Wants to be part of the great pageant of football.

Is ready to contribute to volunteer movement.


Apply now at and pass an interview until April 2018!