Map of the venue

Entrance gate

Entrance gates were located from St. Sibgata Khakima side.
From the FIFA Fan Fest™ you could walk down St. Sibgata Khakima to Kazan Arena (transport traffic on St. Sibgata Khakima was restricted).



Exit was located nearby the main entrace. 


Food court

Apart from grabbing some typical football fast food (sandwiches, hot dogs, French fries, pizza, chips, and a host of other snacks), fans were able to enjoy a more substantial lunch or dinner. They were treated to traditional Tatar dishes like çäkçäk, öçpoçmaq, gubadiya, and boortsog. Our main restaurant’s menu was tailored towards diverse age cohorts, taste preferences, and religions, and included both international cuisine and authentic cuisine of peoples living in the Republic of Tatarstan. Halal and vegetarian dishes were also available here.


Exhibition zone of the host city and souvenirs

You could learn more about the culture, traditions, and attractions of Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan, take a picture and get souvenirs with a logo of the Fan Fest when visiting the exhibition zone.

At the Visit Tatarstan zone, visitors could "travel" to the most popular destinations of the republic – Great Bolgar and island city of Sviyazhsk – through virtual reality glasses. In addition to the chance of watching 360 degree videos, the guests could win cardboard glasses that they could use to watch videos after returning from Kazan.



Ablution units for all population groups including physically challenged people wwere installed throughout the entire territory of the Fan Fest.



Lockers were located outside the perimeter of the Fan Fest venue at the intersection of St. S.Khakima and St. Bondarenko. All lockers were numbered and secured.

Due to the limited size and number of lockers, fans were kindly advised to leave large bags at home.


Health Centre

Qualified doctors and trained medical practitioners worked at the Health Centre during the opening hours of the FIFA Fan Fest™.

Information point

You could find the information about the schedule of the up-coming match streamings, concerts, public transport mode of operation, popular excursion itineraries and many other useful things at the information point of the Fan Fest. Volunteers speaking many different languages worked at the points.