Kazan Kremlin

Address: Kremlin, Kazan

The Kazan Kremlin is located right at the very heart of the city, on the higher bank of the Kazanka River. It is the only surviving Tatar fortress in Russia, and it also shows some traces of the original city-planning layout of Kazan. This complex's architecture naturally combines a variety of cultures: the Volga-Bulgarian culture, the Golden Horde culture, the Medieval Kazan-Tatar culture, as well as the Italian and Russian cultures.

The complex is truly a tourist gem. Seven museums are located within its walls, as well as the "falling" Söyembikä Tower, the Spasskaya Tower, fragments of Kazan khans’ tombs and the Governor's Palace. The neighbouring Muslim mosque Qolşärif and the Orthodox Annunciation Cathedral are a prime example of peaceful coexistence of the two religions in this region. The Kremlin's sightseeing platforms offer magnificent views to the Kazanka River, the Millenium Bridge, the Palace of Farmers, the Kremlin embankment and the Kazan Arena stadium.

The Kazan Kremlin was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.


Central Stadium stop
Bus No: 6, 15, 29, 35, 37, 47, 74, 75, 98, 117
Trolley-bus No 2

Baturina stop
Bus No: 22, 28, 28a, 83, 89

Kremlevskaya Metro Station