Velikyi Bolgar

Address: Bolgar, Republic of Tatarstan

Website: великий-болгар.рф

Founded in the 10th century, the ancient city of Bolgar was the economical, political and cultural centre of the Volga Bulgaria. The Bolgar Historical and Architectural Museum and Preserve is located at the distance of 140 km from Kazan and is the northernmost monument of medieval Muslim architecture in the world and a unique example of Bolgar-Tatar architecture of the mid 13th – 14th centuries. In the central part of the ancient settlement you will see the preserved ruins of the Cathedral Mosque and the Great Minaret. Right next to them is the Northern Mausoleum which served as the tomb for the Volga Bulgaria noblemen. Among other ancient structures of that period are: the White and Black Chambers, the Eastern Mausoleum and the Khan Bath. Other open sights include the unique Museum of Bolgar Civilisation combined with the river boat station and the "Memorial Sign Commemorating Volga Bulgars Adopting of Islam in 922" where you will see the biggest printed Quran in the world. The Khan Palace, the Healer's House and trade shops, as well as the White Mosque and the Bread Museum are located behind the Southern Gates of the settlement. You can reach Bolgar from Kazan both by bus and by a river boat.