Address: Yelabuga, Republic of Tatarstan


Yelabuga is included in the special guided tour "Pearl Necklace of Tatarstan". In 2007 the town celebrated its 1000th birthday. Yelabuga was home for famous Russian landscape painter I. Shishkin and the well-known "Cavalry Maiden" N. Durova. Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva spent her final days here. Yelabuga is a homely town that has preserved the 19th century atmosphere, where the streets are filled with green, where low-rise merchant mansions immerse you into the atmosphere of the past, while the panoramic view to the conjunction of the rivers Kama and Toyma allows one to feel the beauty of Russian nature. The town offers its visitors famous museums, memorial complexes, as well as the picturesque park Shishkinskiye Prudy where the famous artist painted his landscapes. The landmark of the town is Chertovo Gorodische: the ruins of the Bulgar fortress on a higher bank of the Kama River that filled sailors and merchants who passed along the river on their ships with awe and terror.