Raifa Monastery

Address: pos. Raifa, Republic of Tatarstan

Website: www.raifa.ru

The Raifa Monastery is the largest Christian Orthodox complex in Tatarstan that attracts pilgrims from all over the country. Located at the distance of 27 kilometres from Kazan, it was founded by famous hermit monk Philaret. It is particularly pleasant to walk around the grounds of the monastery well tended by the novitiates. You will find very special placative atmosphere here: near the walls of the monastery are a picturesque lake and ancient forests. There is a saying that the local frogs never croak so as not to disturb the monks' prayers. The monastery's grounds contain the Cathedral of the Georgian Icon of the Mother of God in which the eponymous miraculous icon is kept. Every year thousands of believers arrive here to worship the icon. There is a special hotel here opened specifically for them and called "Dom Palomnika" ("Pilgrim's Home").